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Ott Tänak The Movie 2019 Offical

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Rally TV
Avaldatud 26 Feb 2019 / In Film & Animatsioon

A film about Ott Tänak, a world-class rally driver.

Viewers gain rare access to root for Ott’s pursuit for the WRC rallying series world championship title and witness critical moments of the season spinning across the globe. Naked behind-the-scenes truth of the nerve-wrecking races unfurls on the silver screen, revealing the competitive life unseen to the public eye.

In parallel with the ups and downs from one rally to the next, a touching story is told of how a stubborn kid from a small island in the Northeastern Europe broke into the rallying elite despite the long and winding road. His journey to becoming one of the world’s fastest rally pilots has been a roller coaster ride. In addition to Ott himself, people close to him tell stories of his adventurous life and career. Otherwise a reclusive top athlete is unexpectedly straightforward in the documentary, discussing openly his high and low moments.

The film is brought to screens by Sterotek Film

Ott Tänak The Movie 2019

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