VIDEO: Unboxing New CZ P10 Airsoft. Best airsoft gun EVER!

The CZ P-10 series represents a new level of large-capacity, striker-fired, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame pistols for self-defense, service and sport.

The comprehensive series of cutting-edge CZ P-10 pistols includes a micro (CZ P-10 M), subcompact (CZ P-10 S), compact (CZ P-10 C), semi-compact (CZ P-10 SC) and full-size (CZ P-10 F) models. In addition, OR (Optics-Ready) variants are available that feature a modified slide for quick and secure attachment of a red dot sight.

All CZ P-10 pistols, whose design is based on several patented elements, excel in maximum reliability, high accuracy, extreme longevity and refined operation. The unique checkering and grip further enhance their superb user-friendliness, which have been designed in accordance with our modern DiFEND ergonomic technique.

The very first model, the CZ P-10 C compact, was awarded “Handgun of the Year” in 2017 by Guns & Ammo magazine.

CZ P10 Airsoft